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This is a step-by-step tutorial of biblical Hebrew without vowels (Hebrew Bible was originally written without vowels, vowels were added in Middle Ages.)

After reading this tutorial, you will be able to read Hebrew Bible using a lexicon and participate in our translation project, which needs many volunteers just like you. Don't be afraid to write a wrong translation, as if you err other users of this site will correct your error, just like as in Wikipedia.

Without vowels Hebrew is an order of magnitude easier than with vowels.

So start study now!

If you don't understand something, mail me with your question. This way you will help me to improve wording of the tutorial to be more understandable.

  1. Abstract
  2. Preface
  3. Alphabet
  4. Nouns and gender
  5. Grammatical number
  6. Definite article
  7. Prepositions
  8. Adjective
  9. Participles
  10. Preposition of direct object את
  11. Personal and demonstrative pronouns
  12. Perfect tense of regular verbs
  13. Imperfect tense of regular verbs
  14. The conjunction ו
  15. Meaning of perfect and imperfect
  16. Positions of words in a sentence
  17. Irregular verbs
  18. Conjunction of nouns
  19. Pronoun suffixes
  20. Imperative
  21. Jussivus and cohortativus
  22. Infinitive
  23. Absolute infinitive
  24. Numerals
  25. Some words
  26. Binyanim of verbs
  27. Misc
  28. Special word forms
  29. Start translating