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Abstract Preface Alphabet

It is a draft manuscript. Victor Porton who started to write it is not a professional linguist. Your suggestions how to improve this book are welcome.

This manuscript needs:

  • adding more examples of Hebrew phrases;
  • reorganizing and improving the text in various ways;
  • copyediting;
  • adding detailed reference for different prefixes and suffixes (for example, we need an article on the prefix מ which would state that it may mean a preposition “from” as well as, for example, a PIEL participle).
  • improved in other ways.

In this version grammar rules are mainly based on this book (in Russian language).

It is clear that real ancient Hebrew grammar is not the same that is described in a studybook. You need to get used to the language. Amendments to this reference to make it nearer to the reality are welcome.