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Grammar:Tutorial/Start translating

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Special word forms Start translating

Now you know ancient Hebrew.

Start translating.

I think you want your translation to be read by other Internet users. As such select a verse in Tanakh text and click Exegesis. This opens the page where you can put your translation and/or interpretation of a particular Bible verse, both for your own reference and for others to read.

Note that in Tanakh on this site words are links to their meaning (for a particular word form). Reuse the meanings of words with other translators: They will see your translation, you will see theirs. Look for some words in the beginning of Genesis for examples of how to describe grammar forms and translations of words. (The document explaining the format of word entries in our dictionary is not yet written - help wanted to write it.)

Don't be afraid of your imperfect ancient Hebrew: This site is a collaboratively edited wiki and if you make an error, others can correct it. (Just write that you are unsure that your translation is correct, if your are unsure.)

See also this page before you actually start translating.