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Jussivus and cohortativus Infinitive Absolute infinitive

Infinitive (more exactly named “infinitive construct”) is just the root.

It may be translated to English as a gerund.

Pronoun suffixes may be used with infinitive.

Infinitive can take pronoun suffixes. Pronoun suffixes with an infinitive may express either a subject or an object of the action, dependently on a context.

An infinitive may be used in a conjunction like a noun.

In infinitive of 3-weak verbs the last ה is replaced with ות (in all binyanim, see below). ות or ת is also sometimes added in 3-א verbs (Gesenius).

Infinitive with prepositions

Infinitive X with the preposition כ means (“when it was X”).

Infinitive with the preposition ל means: 1. a purpose; 2. infinitive in English.

היה + ל + infinitive

means “to be going”.

על + noun + ל + infinitive

means that “noun” must do something (expressed by the infinitive).