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Grammar:Tutorial/Personal and demonstrative pronouns

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Preposition of direct object את Personal and demonstrative pronouns Perfect tense of regular verbs

Demonstrative pronouns

There are the following demonstrative pronouns:

singular plural
masculine זה (this, that) אלה (these, those)
feminine זאת (this, that)

Demonstrative pronouns זה, זאת and, אלה can get an article.

A demonstrative pronoun can be used as an attribute. In this case it behaves like an adjective: it is put after the determined word and made agree with it in gender and number. If the determined noun has an article (or is determined in some other way) then the demonstrative pronoun also gets an article.

If a noun has attributes expressed by adjectives, the demonstrative pronoun is put last after all adjectives. A demonstrative pronoun may be used like a noun (“This one”, “that one”, “these ones”, “those ones” in English).

Personal pronouns

singular plural
masculine הוא (this, the same, mentioned above) הם (these, the same, mentioned above)
feminine היא (this, the same, mentioned above) הנה (these, the same, mentioned above)