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Wikilog articles are wiki pages that contain the actual stories published in wikilogs. They may have many different names in different blog software: articles, posts, entries, pages, items, news, etc. In this manual, they are strictly referred as wikilog articles, or just articles.

Each wikilog article belongs to exactly one wikilog. Articles are stored as subpages of wikilog pages, where the wiki page title consists of the wikilog title, followed by slash character ("/") and the article title.

To avoid confusion, this manual always refers to these titles as full page title and article title. For example, an article The brown fox in the General Rants wikilog in the Blog namespace has these titles:

  • Blog:General Rants/The brown fox
    This is the full page title. It is used to identify and store the wikilog article in the wiki database, and also to link to the article from other pages of the wiki by using it between [[ and ]] marks in wikitext.
  • The brown fox
    This is the article title. It is shown to the visitor at the top of the page and is also used to identify the article anywhere within the wikilog.

Wikilog articles can be classified in multiple categories, like standard wiki pages. Articles may also have tags, which provide a secondary, less formal classification. Also, unlike most blogs, wikilog articles can be prepared, signed and published by multiple authors, in a collaborative way that follows the wiki philosophy. Wikilog provides a special page, Special:Wikilog, which allows the user to query articles by category, author or other criteria.

Since articles can be very long and the wikilog page has to list the last published ones, summaries are used to keep wikilog pages short. Each article has a summary that can be either automatically generated (the beginning of the article up to the first heading) or manually specified by the author (through a special markup).

Talk pages of wikilog articles are enhanced with a commenting interface that is at the same time familiar to blog readers (easy comment post form) and comfortable to wiki users (supports discussion threading, edits, history).

All MediaWiki features are automatically available to wikilog articles and comments. Users can make creative use of them, for example, using interwiki links to link together wikilogs and articles in different languages and different wikis.

Further reading

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