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Wikilogs are the primary concept of a Wikilog-enabled wiki site. Each wikilog works like a blog, and contains multiple published articles. Each wikilog has a main page that lists the last few of its articles (possibly only a summary of each) in reverse chronological order, and navigation links to other pages. Each wikilog article listed is linked to its own page, where the article can be read in full and commented.

A distinction should be made between "Wikilog" the software extension, and "wikilog" the concept. The first refers to the MediaWiki software extension that is installed and provides the blogging functionality; it is always capitalized in this manual. The second refers to this resource provided by the extension, and is pretty much synonymous with "blog"; it is capitalized only at the beginning of sentences in this manual.

Wikilogs are special wiki pages created under certain custom wiki namespaces. Namespaces are prefixes added before the page title and are used to classify different kinds of pages. In this wiki, the following namespace contains wikilogs: Blog.

Pages in this namespace have special behavior in a way similar to the pages in File and Category namespaces. In order to create a new wikilog, a new page has to be created with the Blog prefix followed by a colon and the title of the wikilog. For example, in order to create a wikilog with the title "General Rants" in the Blog namespace, the page that has to be created should have the "Blog:General Rants" title.

The contents of the wikilog page are arbitrary, and it will be shown above the listing of wikilog articles. It can be used to describe the purpose of the wikilog, list category links, etc. Since a wikilog is also a wiki page (with added functionality), other wiki features can be creatively used: group wikilogs in categories, interwiki similar wikilogs in different languages, etc. The wikilog page is also used to configure the wikilog through some special markup.

Wikilog pages have an additional content action tab called "wikilog", that provides some information about the wikilog and also a form to create new articles.

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