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Wikilog is a MediaWiki extension that enhances the wiki software with some common blogging features, making it a wiki-blog hybrid.

Wiki pages are configured to act as blogs, which are called "wikilogs". Just like blogs, each wikilog contains a number of published articles, with the most recent ones displayed on the wikilog main page in reverse chronological order. Visitors can read wikilog articles from either the wikilog's main page or the article's page. Visitors can easily leave comments to wikilog articles.

Wikilog articles are stored as regular wiki pages, with extra functionality added by the extension. This allows wikilog articles to inherit all the usual wiki functionality, like: wiki syntax, edit history, page categories, talk pages, etc. Extra functionality added by the extension include the listing of articles, setting of article authors, handling of article comments, generation of syndication feeds (Atom and RSS) for individual wikilogs and for all wikilogs of the wiki, and others.

The philosophy of Wikilog is not to just make a blog out of a wiki, but to combine both concepts. Unlike most blogs, wikilog articles can be collaboratively written and published by multiple users. Talk pages of wikilog articles provide a simpler interface for commenting than standard MediaWiki talk pages. It is similar to most blog software, with the addition of discussion threading.

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