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The Special:Wikilog special page is a central query page for wikilog listings. By default, it displays a list of all articles in all wikilogs, like an aggregator for all hosted wikilogs. It also allows queries based on categories, authors, tags, status, etc. This special page can be included in other pages, so you can embed lists or summaries of wikilog posts anywhere in the wiki. For more information, see embedding wikilogs.


The simplest call to this special page, without parameters, results in a listing of all articles from all wikilogs in the wiki. Example:


The special page displays a query form where the user can provide wikilog, category, author, tag, date and status of articles to list. By filling some of the fields of this form and submitting it, the list is filtered so that only articles matching the criteria are listed.

File:Wikilog SpecialWikilog query form.png
Example: Using Special:Wikilog query form to search all wikilog articles in Category:Communication published in 2008.

It is possible to call the special page directly with the filtering criteria in two different ways: inline and via query parameters.

The inline syntax is useful when referring the special page from other pages in the wiki, and also when embedding. In it, parameters are passed to the special page like subpages, after "Special:Wikilog", separated by slash characters ("/"). For example, the query displayed in the image above could be directly linked from other pages with:


The standard syntax is used when interacting with HTML forms and directly calling the MediaWiki index.php script. Some features, like syndication feeds, are available only through the standard syntax. For example, the same query above looks like this in the standard syntax:



The following table lists the parameters accepted by the Special:Wikilog special page. The first column lists the standard query syntax parameters that should be passed when calling the index.php script. Multiple parameters are concatenated with ampersand characters ("&"). The second column lists the inline syntax parameters that should be passed when linking from the wiki. Multiple parameters are concatenated with slash characters ("/") [Note: ";" was used as separator before Wikilog 0.8.0].

Query parameter Inline syntax Description
wikilog=wikilog-title wikilog-title Display only articles from the given wikilog. In both cases, wikilog-title is the wikilog page title including the namespace, since multiple namespaces can be configured to have wikilogs. Example: "Blog:General rants".
It is also possible to display all articles in a given namespace by using an asterisk as the page title. Example: "Blog:*"
category=category-name Category:category-name Display only articles in the given category. Example: "Category:Communication".
author=author-name User:author-name Display only articles written by the given author. Example: "User:John_Smith".
tag=tag t=tag Display only articles tagged with the given tag. This feature is not enabled in this wiki. Example: "t=web".
Display only articles in the time period specified. The date= parameter of the inline syntax is an alternative to the y=, m= and d= syntax; the later is preferred. Example: "y=2008/m=10".
show=status status Display only articles with the given status:
  • all - displays all posts
  • published (default) - displays only published posts
  • drafts - displays only drafts
view=view-mode view-mode Select the view mode:
  • summary (default) - displays the title and summary of articles, in reverse chronological order
  • archives - displays a compact tabular list of articles
template=template-name Template:template-name In summary view, format articles using the given template instead of the standard presentation. Details about the template parameters that can be used are presented in embedding wikilogs.
limit=number-of-posts number-of-posts Limit the number of posts displayed. Note that in inline syntax, the number itself is the parameter.
feed=format Generates a syndication feed of wikilog articles (valid formats: atom and rss).

Syndication feeds

When the feed= parameter is used, a syndication feed in the given format is generated and returned. The URL can be added to feed aggregators, which will retrieve the list of wikilog articles directly from the wiki.

Note: Due to caching concerns, filtering is very limited in this mode. Only wikilog and limit parameters are recognized. Probably category filtering will also be enabled in the future.


The last five articles from all wikilogs in the History category:


All articles written by user John Smith in October 2008:

[[Special:Wikilog/User:John Smith/y=2008/m=10]]

All drafts from all wikilogs:

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