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Binyanim of verbs Misc Special word forms

The particle ה is sometimes added as a suffix to reverse imperfect. Accordingly this book it seems to not change the meaning of the verb.

Interrogative particle ה

In addition to denote a definite article the prefix ה may mean a question (“whether?”).

Example: הטובה הארץ (Is the country good?)

Direction suffix ה

The suffix ה can be added to some words to mean a direction. Example: צפונה (to the north).

In Gen 12:9, Gen 12:10 direction suffix is used with proper names of places.

Victor Porton conjectures, that theologically (not in human linguistic) this suffix may be used with every noun, not just the limited list of words in this book.

Irreal condition

An irreal condition is introduced by the word לו (or לולי or לולא with a negation).

Sentences starting with ויהי

Sentences starting with ויהי (the reversed imperfect, 3rd person, singular of the verb היה) may be translated as “It was … that …”.

In texts about future, there are similar sentences starting with the reversed perfect והיה which may be translated as “It will be … that ...”.