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Mr. Porton,

Am I to use this window to contact you? I have some questions and I am just starting to learn how to translate. I have only studied this for two days now. May I ask you some questions? I hope I am not irritating you.

"Yes" to all your questions. Please ask. --Victor Porton (talk) 18:09, 20 December 2017 (UTC)


I'm sorry for posting my view in the incorrect place. I am not particularly computer savvy and have never created a link in my life.

I would like to know your recommendations for links to my article.  Also, i have saved the article where I hope is an acceptable place. I'm sure you will see it for the moderation process.

I cannot find the grammar or theology places that you suggested. This is of course due to my poor site navigation skills. I suspect my personal logic system tends to be unique, though usually functional. Also I think we have different English language foundations and that results in some ambiguity for me.

The Without Vowels Project is a great idea which I have coincidentally taken it upon myself to delve into for several years. The One Who created the infinitely humbling DNA language is at the foundation of Scripture, and I therefore believe engaging the understanding of Scripture is the richest of endeavors. To understand it we have to change how we think, and understanding it changes how we think. That would be akin to pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps if the Creator Himself were not involved.