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Dear Donkohole, thank you for your edits, but you did it wrong.

The entire reason of creating our new dictionary is to put meanings of words in the declined form, not in the primary form.

So it should be not "Verb" but like "Perfect", "Imperfect", "Participle". Please re-edit your edited pages accordingly for me to approve your edits.

Your errors for Hebrew:השטן.

  1. You missed paragraphs and formatting. Paragraphs are to be separated by empty line. For more info click "Help" in the editor form. Also see sources of existing dictionary items for examples.
  2. It should be "the adversary" not "adversary". It's important to translate as it is in the text.
  3. You should refer to Hebrew:שטן not write the word with the vowel points. Vowels points are instead referred by Strong numbers to an external dictionary (see examples of my dictionary items). No need to repeat them here.
  4. Try to shorten standard dictionary items if possible, it is for quick grasp by a translator, not for repeating an existing dictionary.

So please first correct your errors.

Dear Victor,

Ok thanks for the feedback. I tried looking for "Perfect", "Imperfect", and "Participle" for אין using 2LetterLookup but I was unable to find those terms. I also looked at the Grammar:Quick page but couldn't figure out which term to use. Perhaps I missed reading/understanding the Hebrew Grammar Tutorial. Feel free to point me to the right page or solution as to how to find this out.

[Edit: Also just did a search of this wiki for "declined primary" and found Rules:Hebrew entries.] I want to help but think I might be too tired and/or lazy to try to fully understand some of the terms. Is the "declined" form of the word the more simple root, without the preposition?

Another question is should I instead of creating a page for the word containing a prefix, just split the word and make for the prefix a separate entry so as to avoid duplication of effort?


אין is a particle. Particles have only one grammar form. For this particular word just write "particle". "Perfect", "Imperfect", and "Participle" are for verbs. 2LetterLookup does not show declined word forms, you need first transform a declined form into the primary one.

Primary forms for example in English are "cat", declined forms are "cats", "cat's"; "a cat", "the cat", "for cat" would be also considered declined forms (if they were a single word in English).

Never split prefix separately from a word. In Hebrew, prefix is a part of the word. The very reason we are working on this new dictionary is to consider every declined form of a word, including form with prefixes.

Something wrong with Hebrew:מאין

Hebrew:מאין - something wrong with it.