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If you want to edit or create a page of a Hebrew word (for a declined word or a primary word), the better way is follow the next guidelines:

  1. The web page address will be "" (changing the "XXXX" to the hebrew word in hebrew letters.)‎ For example: ‎ולמקוה
  2. If is a simple modification of a single base word (for example, למקוהולמקוה), the page begin with: "From XXXX:" (here changing the "XXXX" to a more simple word form it come or decline). 
  3. In the next line, write the "part of speech" for this word (the grammatical category of the word; may be, for example: verb or adjective or noun or pronoun or preposition or article or adverb etc...); follow it by more details of the kind of word (tense, person, number, gender, etc...)
  4. The next lines begin with a list item sign "*", writing each possible definition of this word point by point, line by line, according to this kind of word in the current interpretation.

After each definition, in parenthesis, write {{Strong|###}}, making it a link to a page describing the dictionary entry with given Strong's number. For example: son ({{Strong|1121}}, {{Strong|1123}}) young ({{Strong|1121}}) people ({{Strong|1121}})

At Strong pages we collect notes belonging to all declensions of a word (rather than to one particular declension). For example at this page we note that the word "lamb" is believed by Christians to spiritually refer to Christ.

When you edit a description of a Strong number, you should click "What links here" in the left sidebar and also update all pages which concern this Strong's number. Reversely, when editing information for a particular grammar form of a word, you should also add your notes about the entire group of words sharing the same Strong number.

Proposed change in the policy: We should not remove Strong numbers when doing what is above described as "simple modification of a single base word", because we need easier access to the article about the Strong number in question.

(this page is in construction)