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Theology:Fall of the man

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Accordingly Victor Porton before Adam's fall into a sin, people were able to calculate by their brains at high speeds, like computers. After the fall people lost most of their intellect.

Related Bible quotes:

  • Genesis 1:26
  • Genesis 1:31 says that all God's creation was good. Now we have that people brains are not good and need computers as prostheses. This means that people brains changed after the fall of Adam.
  • Genesis 2:1 says that God's creation was perfect.

Victor Porton supposes about Genesis 2:9 that "the tree of knowledge of good and bad" injected knowledge into the human brain of how this brain itself functions (what it counts good and what counts bad). This knowledge allowed the brain to trick itself effectively causing a short-circuit. This is somehow similar to giving a program the password for complete control of the computer, this way a program becomes able to destroy the normal functionality of the computer (as well as to destroy itself). More specifically, the brain starts to work for what it makes up to feel better instead of the proper purpose, thus being deceived by the pleasure or distress.

Genesis 2:21 says that Adam and Eve were talented before the fall.

Genesis 2:16 says that the man will die in the day he eats from the tree of knowledge of good and bad. But Adam hasn't died that day physically. Victor Porton assumes that "dying" here should be understood as "hanging the operating system of the brain".

Genesis 3:7 suggest that there was a wireless network between minds of Adam and Eve, but it caused to function after the fall.

See also Hebrew:אנוש.

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