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Exegesis:Genesis 3:6

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Translation of Genesis 3:6

The woman saw that the tree is good for food and that it is an object of desire for eyes and the tree is desirable for wisdom, and took from the fruits of it and ate and gave also to the her husband with her and he ate.

"The woman saw" = "The woman feared".

Translation of Genesis 3:7

The eyes of them both opened and it was (made) known for them that they are naked and they sewed leafage (of) fig tree and made girdles for themselves.

The eyes of their lamentation opened...


It seems that Eve ate it despite of the fear (see above) she felt.

Before the fall when Adam and Eve were together only one of them keep his eyes opened because there was a wireless link between their brains and each was seeing with the eyes of the partner. After the fall the wireless network hanged and they need both to open their eyes.

It seems that they have understood that they failed and started to lament.

The word "naked" in Genesis 3:7 probably cannot be translated in an other way. Compare with Genesis 2:25 where a similar word can be alternatively translated as "talanted". Before the fall they was both naked and talented but after the fall only naked and no more talented.

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