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From הבר:

Participle, sing, masc.:

Spaces Hypothesis


  • in her son, by her son
  • in her heir, by her heir
  • in her corn, in her grain, by her corn, by her grain
  • in her field, by her field
  • in her cleanness, in her pureness, by her cleanness, by her pureness
  • in her lye, in her potash, in her alkali used in smelting metal
  • by her lye, in her potash, by her alkali used in smelting metal
  • in her ate, by her ate
  • in her (for) eating, in her devouring, by her (for) eating, by her devouring
  • in her purged, in her purged out, in her purified, by her purged, by her purged out, by her purified
  • in her chosen, in her selected, by her chosen, by her selected
  • in her cleansed, in her made shining, in her polished, by her cleansed, by her made shining, by her polished
  • in her tested, in her proved, by her tested, by her proved
  • in her purified, by her purified
  • in her made clear, in her cleared up, in her explained, in her proved, in her declared
  • by her made clear, by her cleared up, by her explained, by her proved, by her declared
  • in her bored into, by her bored into
  • in her pure, in her clear, in her sincere, by pure, by her clear, by her sincere
  • in her clean, in her empty, by her clean, by her empty
  • in her purely, by her purely

Christians may assume that "her son" refers to Jesus as a son of Mary.

Analyzing of information presented on this page is complete (even with spaces hypothesis). That is, all variants of translation were considered carefully. No warranty however, that nothing is missing.