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From בר:

Noun, sing., masc.:

  • the son, whether son
  • the heir, whether heir
  • the corn, the grain, whether corn, whether grain
  • the field, whether field
  • the cleanness, the pureness, whether cleanness, whether pureness
  • the lye, the potash, the alkali used in smelting metal, whether lye, whether potash, the whether used in smelting metal

Perfect, 3rd person, sing., masc.:

  • whether ate
  • whether (for) eating, whether devoring
  • whether purged, whether purged out, whether purified
  • whether chosen, whether selected
  • whether cleansed, whether made shining, whether polished
  • whether tested, whether proved
  • whether purified
  • whether made clear, whether cleared up, whether explained, whether proved, whether declared
  • whether bored into

Adjective, sing., masc.:

  • the pure, the clear, the sincere
  • whether pure, whether clear, whether sincere
  • the clean, the empty
  • whether clean, whether empty


  • the purely
  • whether purely

Participle, sing, masc.:

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