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Exegesis:Hosea 6:3

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Translation of Hosea 6:3

And let us acknowledge YAH. Let us pursue YAH towards wisdom together with YHVH. As dawn rises we are firmly fixed – He is our exit! And to come as rained upon for itself is the spring rain, to become His people.


And let us acknowledge YAH To acknowledge YHVH is to love Him more than anything. In acknowledging Him we acknowledge that His precepts are supreme and that they are Truth beyond all interpretation and sophistry.

Let us pursue YAH towards wisdom together with YHVH We must fellowship together in a joint pursuit of YHVH towards wisdom as a congregation, as a family, in Ruach together with YHVH.

As dawn rises we are firmly fixed – He is our exit! The dawn that approaches the Eternal Rest, upon that moment we are firmly fixed. We must remember that HE ALONE is our exit! The Creator of the Universe does the appointing of the Messiah, not us. We must accept His Messiah. For when we do this, we have to also accept the Commandments and maintain Faith.

to come as rained upon this rain that He will provide will wash us.

for itself is the spring rain This rain is like the circumcision of the heart (Deut. 10:16) and entering into the covenant as Abraham did. Abraham was a Gentile, yet, he obeyed everything that YHVH commanded him (Gen. 26:4-5) this included the circumcision of the flesh (Gen. 17:9-14) at 99 years old. Thus, Abraham was circumcised both ways.

to become His people Because Abraham was circumcised in heart and flesh, Yah made a covenant with him and put His covenant in his flesh. This is how Abraham became one of Yah's people. This is how we can become Yah's people too. Circumcision of the heart is faith, and faith comes first. Circumcision of the flesh is our actions, and these matter when we walk in faith. With these two things we become Yah's people. Faith without works of righteousness is dead faith, just as works of righteousness without faith are dead works.

One the matter of physical circumcision of the flesh: When we read of the Prince's Reign and His Temple, both Jew and Gentile will be circumcised in heart and flesh (Ezek. 44) in order to enter into the temple and bring their offerings of thanksgiving. What can we learn from the circumcision of the flesh?

There are no bones in the male member, therefore, no bones can be broken. The Passover Lamb must not have any bones broken (Exo. 12:46) and the Anointed One will have no bones broken (Ps. 34:20). The male member is a member of the body just like an arm or a leg, and when the foreskin is cut, it bleeds. When nails are driven into the hand and feet, blood is also shed. How can we have missed this imagery in the testimony of The Prince of The Most High? Circumcision's blood is how we enter into the covenant in our flesh and it reminds us of how the Passover Lamb's blood preserved the promised seed spoken of in Gen. 3:15 before the Exodus from Egypt. Ultimately, this brought about the renewal of the covenant in the blood that was shed out of mercies and compassions of unfathomable depths (Jer 31:31-33, Isa 53).

These then both speak to the blood and the water from the pierced side. We need them both. For as water can be a symbol of judgment (Noah's Story) it can also be a symbol of washed and clean (immersion/baptism/the waters in the Temple) as well as "the living waters" that give life. As blood can be a symbol of iniquities it can also be a symbol of the shed blood of the Lamb and a marking of salvation.

With this cleansing rain; coupled with this pure, unblemished and life giving blood, we can become His people. He can be our exit from our chains of sin and unrighteous behavior.