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Exegesis:Hosea 6:2

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Translation of Hosea 6:2

He is life in us, them from the rising of the day in the third day. YAH will rise us. And He is life for us for we turn to Him.


He is life in us YHVH is the life that give us life. It is from Him that all things have life and from His Ruach comes knowledge of Truth. Truth leads us to life.

them from the rising of the day in the third day On the rising of the third day he saved us from the drunken elephants in Egypt (Maccabees), and foreshadowed in the sign of Jonah in the whale. These foreshadows of the third day point us towards when His Anointed One was risen from the tomb – this raising up is our cure. So, we must choose to enter into that covenant to be cured!

YAH will rise us He is the one who will rise us all. Either unto righteousness or undo death.

And He is life for us for we turn to Him YHVH will rise us all in the day of judgment. Do we want to answer to Him through the Prince and be held accountable for not listening to the words of the Chosen One as a lawless people/person?

YHVH is our life only if we turn to Him. If we don’t, we’ll fall into the binding hand that will reap a just punishment upon our souls. We must turn to Him in order for He to be our cure. The cure is not an excuse for iniquities or lawless behavior, this is not 'turning to Him'. Turning to Him means to leave our own ways and to become a new person. This means we change every aspect of ourselves. We need to call upon Him and ask Him to be our strength and to bring us into His flock. To be a slave unto the Most High isn't like being a slave in Egypt. On the contrary, we are a slave unto the blessing, not the curse. The blessing comes about by following the commandments and keeping our faith--this is freedom! Because we have faith and walk in spiritual reality we must persist in Truth and Righteousness. This is not accomplished by adopting the ways of the nations or the customs of strange people (Exo. 23:24, Deut. 12:29-31; 20:17-18, Jer 10:1-5).

A slave of the blessing is a free man and is bound to the covenant of Truth. This is an important aspect that has been lost in many Synagogues and Churches. For in their teachings and sermons they publish ideas that cause the sheep of the Good Shepard to stray in error from the Most Excellent Way. Remember, deeds are just as important of faith. There can be no reconciliation of a people that are intentionally lawless or without faith. The groups that consciously devise alternate realities based on institutional, cultural, philosophical, entrepreneurial, scientific or carnal means have lost sight of purpose and of the goal. The purpose is the submission of these aforementioned things and the goal is the Will of our King. As His Prince has instructed "if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments" (Matt. 19:17). We know that these words are not his own, but the Father's (Deut 18:15-19). Therefore, the commandments spoken of by the Prince are the Father's commandments and He desires our application of the commandments and the bestowing of the blessings that we find in Torah. Thus, we must forgive, take care of the poor and needy, strive for righteousness and be Kodesh (Set Apart/Holy) as He, Our Creator is Kodesh. (Lev. 19:2; 20:26, Deut. 14:2)