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Exegesis:Hosea 1:3

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Translation of Hosea 1:3

And he went and he took for himself a wife to make whole the house of two separate figs. And she conceived and birthed a son. [1]


[1] Definitions of names used instead of the names themselves. Gomer means "complete" and complete can be interpreted as: to end/bring about an/the end, to make whole, to finish and restore.

Gomer's father's name is Diblayim and his name means: two fig cakes. These cakes are defined in Jastrows as mounds of fig that are pressed together. It could be interpreted that "the house of Diblayim" is a divided house.

The fig tree is a symbol of Israel and is used often. Thus, The Deliverer will Make Whole the house of Two Figs, meaning: The Deliverer will restore/complete the divided house as one.