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God's word not in context

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There are two Bibles.

The first one is human word. It was written by uneducated (by modern standards), sometimes stupid people. It is mainly an ancient history not actual today. However, this book contains no factual errors (despite its writers had incorrect opinions, such as they thought that Earth is flat, these opinions are not expressed explicitly; but what they implied is sometimes wrong). However see this blog post.

There is also God's word. The entire Bible is God's word. But the meaning of God's word may sometimes be different than the meaning of the human's word backing it.

Sometimes to get the meaning of God's word, we need to read a fragment of Bible out of semantic context. This is because we do not always understand why God has put it in such and such context.

My advice: Read fragments of Bible ignoring semantic context, in order to get revelations.

Well, sometimes we do need semantic context. For example, to get correct meanings of personal pronouns ("he", "she", "himself", etc.) We also should always follow the grammatical context.