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About accuracy of Hebrew Bible and Bible code

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After reading I was reassured in my opinion about so called Bible Code (reading Bible with skipping N letters between each read letter, where N is some fixed number):

Bible Code sometimes works, but it is to be considered more a mystical coincidence like one happen in the society, not as a clear message from God.

It is also important for us that (as I learned from that link and other articles), there are some errors in transcribing the original text of Hebrew Bible. The number of errors is not big (maybe tens small errors in the entire text of the Hebrew Bible). This makes Bible good for understanding God's message well, but we can't rely on the text in every single detail. The theories originating from the text need to be interchecked.

I remind that this site does not promote Bible Code but reading Hebrew Bible without vowels (without skipping letters), so this is largely irrelevant for us.