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This page describes how you can help Without Vowels project.

You may support this project in the following ways:

  • Donate money
  • Volunteer
  • Link from your site, press "Like"/"Share" buttons.
  • Write a review of this site in your blog (see below)


See volunteer opportunities.

If you want to contribute to this site, create account. You must follow the project moderation rules, if you edit this site. Your edits will be moderated to prevent SPAM.

See Donate for more information about our request for donations.

See Project:Donate for how we are going to spend the donations.

Your donation may be used to:

  • pay for hosting and the domain (Now I pay for an advanced and expensive Web hosting myself.)
  • to found a non-profit organization in order to get free Google advertisements
  • advertise this site (as to submit it into Web directories, make press-releases, etc.)
  • operate the nonprofit organization to keep this site up and running

Link from your site

Please link from your Christian or Jewish site to any appropriate page at this site.

This will not only lead a few people clicking the link at your site, but also increase page rank of this site in search engines (including Google).

Write about us in your blog (if your blog is of an appropriate topic).

Don't forget to click "Like"/"Share" buttons at this site.

Write a review

Write a review of this site in your blog (or twitter, or Facebook, Google+, etc.) and send to our manager the URL with your review.

A good review may be used to boost our ads. Thus it is very important for us to receive positive reviews of this site.