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You must follow the below rules. If you severely violate these rules you may be banned from editing this site. See also the charter of our nonprofit organization.

The following are the rules you must follow if you write or edit something on this site:

Expressing opinions

You are allowed to express any opinions on the topic of Hebrew Bible in this site, provided that the opinion is founded based on either some logical or thought argument or on some religious tradition.

You must not remove or distort opinions of others, except of the case when it is an evident error or they violate rules of the site and need correction.


This site is not meant to express opinions of a particular religion or denomination. Representatives of all confessions (including but not only Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, etc.) are welcome. Any belief is not required for access or editing this site, so unbelieving Hebrew Bible researchers are also welcome.

Neutral point of view

The rules of this site enforce you to follow neutral point of view.

In context of this site this mean that if your point of view is specific to a particular denomination or belief, you should clearly indicate it.

For example, you could write: "accordingly Protestant interpretation" or "accordingly Jewish tradition", etc. before your opinion if your point is specific to a particular religion.


The content of this site should be legal under respective jurisdictions.


The content you add to the site should be either written by yourself, in public domain, or licensed in such a way that it is allowed to put the content on this site.

Wherever the applicable license requires reference to the source, you should refer to the respective source.

Commercial content

Advertisements of or links from pages of this site to commercial sites (such as sites providing books or paid ebooks) is allowed, but only in the cases if such a link is very relevant and important for understanding the subject of the page of this site.

Affiliate links are disallowed. (By affiliate links we understand commercial links with additional "affiliate" tag which is intended to allocate a part of the seller's profit to a third party "affiliate".) One of the reasons of disallowing affiliate links is that Google disallows it with Google Nonprofit program.

Non-offensive language

You should take into account that people of different religious views read this site, and so your phrasing should be if possible non-offensive for them.

Particularly, it is preferred to use the term Hebrew Bible rather than Old Testament, because the words Old Testament may be possible offensive to Jewish community.