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You have edited Project:Volunteer, adding there your name.

As I understand, this means that you want to become a board member, right?

Editing this file is a wrong mean to become a board member.

Instead write me a email describing your desire to become a board member, your reason to become a board member, what are you going to do in our organization, and your opinion on topics related to our organization (for example, do you agree that hidden meaning of Hebrew Bible reveals when we read it without vowels?)

After this I will accept you as a "candidate" board member. You may become a full-right board member, when the board reaches some progress. (I am not going to risk to lose control over the organization and give it to one or two unfamiliar people. Instead I need to "hire" a few candidate members and make them voters equi-powerful with me when the board will become large enough, in order to be sure it is not under control of one or two random people.)