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Victor Porton's opinion on the meaning of Tanakh

This is the opinion of the user Victor Porton.

Friends not slaves

I believe we should be friends of God instead of His slaves.

Thus commands and commandments of Bible are for us only a recommendation not a must.

We should judge how to follow Bible on the basis of God's reward for us, not on the basis of a punishment because we should be not slaves.

More in my book.

No interpretation by similarity

I followed the following misconception:

  1. Bible is written for people and therefore people are able to understand Bible in the right way.
  2. If one understands Bible in a particular way, it is that God written it to be understandable in this way (except of the case of obvious errors such as messing masculine and feminine pronouns).
  3. Therefore the understanding we reach after careful consideration of a Bible passage is the intended meaning of God's word.
  4. What is written is a personal message to a particular reader (me), which one should to apply for his own life.

Once I decided to look into Bible about what may happen with my city Perm. I searched Tanakh for words containing the letters פרם which denote my city in modern Hebrew. Then I found a verb containing these letters and assumed it should mean "will not be in Perm".

My further analysis of that Bible fragment (mainly on the base of meanings of proper names) assured me that I must become a missionary in Africa. It also assured me that I will come out from the Perm with some Christian friend quickly so we will have no time to properly dress.

Moreover I was convinced that I am not a man but a seraph in human body. (That my knowledge does not much exceed knowledge of other humans, I tried to explain believing that I am a "ciphered" angel, that is I know much like an angel but my knowledge is ciphered.)

I was a false prophecy. It has not happened. In fact I left the city Perm a few years ago, without Christian friends and without hurry. And now I live in Israel.

So I concluded that even very close similarity of what is written in Tanakh to some our mental pattern isn't a proper reason to believe a particular prophecy.

Vowels nevertheless have sense

(Gal 3:19, WEB) "What then is the law? It was added because of transgressions, until the seed should come to whom the promise has been made. It was ordained through angels by the hand of a mediator."

I think that was angels (mediators) who added vowel points for Tanakh to be closed from misuse until the time came.