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One of the purposes of this site is to create a wiki with all known interpretations (exegesis) of Hebrew Bible. This purpose is pretentious, but we can reach it with your help.

Ultimately, we should provide our own translation of Hebrew Bible based on its original Hebrew text, not on other human's translations. But while it is not yet done, you are welcome to copy text from usual Bible translations (such as KJV). (Don't forget to specify which Bible translation you use.)

If you have any interpretation of Hebrew Bible (either your own or from a third-party Bible commentary), please, please add it to this site.

To do this, add (if not already added) the book in question to Exegesis:Start page, linking to a the (partial) list of chapters (such as Exegesis:Genesis) of this Bible book, then add the chapter (like Exegesis:Genesis 1) to the list, and make it a link to the list of translated verses (like Exegesis:Genesis 1:1). Put a translation of the verse together with your commentary at that page. (Respect the copyright of the author of the commentary.)

Don't forget to link to the previous and next verses of Bible. (TODO: Explain in details how to do this.)

Do not create "Exegesis:" pages containing only a traditional translation (such as KJV) of a verse and no commentary. There are already many sites with full text of your translation, we are not to duplicate them.

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