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TODO: This entry does not conform to our dictionary pattern.

From עדר

Verb; (Strong 5737);

  • to help
  • to hoe or dig
  • to be lacking, fail

Proper Name Masculine; (Strong 5738);

  • Eder

Noun Masculine; (Strong 5739);

  • flock
  • herd

(Strong 5740);

  • a flock

Noun Pronoun?(Pr) Masculine;

  • a Merarite Levite in the time of David

Noun Pronoun?(Pr) Location;

  • a town in the extreme south of Judah on the border of Edom

_?_ Not sure I understand this Suffix: ו (see also נו, הו):

   3rd person, plur. perfect
   3rd person, plur., masc. imperfect (י□□□ו)
   2nd person, plur., masc. imperfect (ת□□□ו)
   plur., masc. imperative (□□□ו)
   noun with 3rd person, sing., masc. pronoun suffix (his).

(from Grammar:Quick) _?_