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From עשה:

Noun, sing, (masc.?): (Strong 6211)

  • and moth
  • and grass

Verb, perfect, sing., masc.: (Strong 6213)

  • and did, and made

Participle, sing., masc.:

  • and done

Space Hypothesis


  • waver a flock
  • waver a member of flock

Space Hypothesis with prefixes


Noun, sing., (masc. or fem.?):

Perfect, 3rd person, sing., masc.:

  • lent aid and the, came to help and the, hastened and the (Strong 5789)
  • lent aid and whether, came to help and whether, hastened and whether (Strong 5789)

Analyzing of information presented on this page is complete (even with spaces hypothesis). That is, all variants of translation were considered carefully. No warranty however, that nothing is missing.