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From ערב:

Adj., sing., masc.:


Noun, sing., masc.:

  • the/whether mixture (Strong 6154)
  • the/whether evening, the/whether sunset (Strong 6153)
  • the/whether Arab (Strong 6152)
  • the/whether weft, the/whether knitted material (Strong 6154)
  • the/whether swarm of flies (Strong 6157)
  • the/whether raven (Strong 6158)
  • the/whether Oreb (proper name), 1. one of the chieftains of the Midianite army defeated by Gideon; 2. a rock east of the Jordan where Oreb and part of his army fell to the Ephraimites

Noun, sing., fem.:

  • the/whether poplar, willow (tree)

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