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Noun, sing., masc.:

Noun, plur., masc.:

The exact meaning of this word is dubious. It is supposed that it may mean "angels" or "rulers".

Dr. Michael S. Heiser claims[1] that elohiym (in plural form only) in Hebrew Bible means the same as "angels" in New Testament.

Victor Porton's opinion: Yahweh means "democratic way of governance of the infinite universe". The members of council are called אלהים. Thus אלהים means both the supreme God Yahweh (as a whole) or gods members of the divine council. This explain why the same word is used for both God Yahweh and gods.

The God of The Sea, or 'eil hayam. this is not only a way to explain an apparent plural word that uses 3rd person singular verb conjugation, but it also reflects the sumerian texts the bible is based on. for instance in the sumerian creation of man story, Enki, the god of the sea, is the main player.

when there is a hei' in front of 'elohiym, i translate it as "The Son of The God of The Sea" as the son is that which is beheld of the father, and hei' represents beholding, image.


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