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Exegesis:Isaiah 64:2

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KJV: Isaiah 64:3-5

TODO: Relation with preceding and following verses.

Translation of Isaiah 64:2

By your doing of fearful things which we won't wait for, you went down from your face mountains flowed.

Translation of Isaiah 64:3

From antiquity was not hear not listened, eye not saw God except you will make for waiting him.

"heard" = "his report" = "his news"

"listened" = "he heard him" = "the that case of us" = "the that time of us"

"From antiquity" = "from a secret"

Translation of Isaiah 64:4

You meet joyful and doing justice by your ways will remember you.

Behold, you are angry and we sinned in wealth long time. And we will be saved.


"Mountains flowed" may mean two things:

  1. Mountains thaw from the power of God appearance
  2. Mountains slowly flowed during a very long time

Also it can be translated "mountains flowed since antiquity". See also Theology:Evolution.

What does this "besides you" mean? Does it refer to pagan gods and/or angels? May "except you" refer to Jesus?

May "not heard, not seen" refer to abstract concepts?

Compare a New Testament commentary about interpretation the Hebrew Bible.