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Exegesis:Hosea 6:5

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Translation of Hosea 6:5

So them – I am against. In my prophets I will split you in two in the words of the desires of their mouths and a fire of judgment I will bring against you.


So them – so them who? We can find ourselves in the binding hand when we bow (meaning to worship) like the nations.

I am against The nations – those who aren’t a part of the most excellent covenant of Blood and life. Additionally, YAH is against those that have entered into the covenant and are living in a self-constructed fiction of lies centered around carnality and temporarily. As some of those of Israel and Judah have turned from the Most Excellent Way, we can witness the history of YAH bringing his wrath against them. We must remember that this judgment can fall upon us now when we ignore YAH. This will happen for eternity at the resurrection. YHVH has stretched out His hand for humanity to grasp. Some of them of the nations have reached out and grabbed it. A remnant of Israel and Judah have done the same - these are them that YHVH is not against because they have chosen to walk in all of His ways and have Faith. What a testimony of love this is, both of a heathen and Israel/Judah to turn from their own ways unto the Most High; and of the Most High to forgive their sins and teach them in firm kindness.

In my prophets I will split you in two in the words of the desires of their mouths We must remember that in the mouths of the prophets of YHVH are spoken YHVH's words. YAH will split both the House of Israel and the nations in two for their unrepentant sins, transgressions and unfaithful transgression of the covenant.

a fire of judgment I will bring against you For those who have joined into the covenant and still transgress His Most Excellent Ways, their judgment will come first and harshly. For in the words of the desires of YHVH’s prophets – whom He has spoken through – their desires they speak are YHVH’s desires. A prophet who speaks Truthfully, speaks the Word of the Most High; and righteous judgments will be pronounced and levied against both the House of Israel and the nations.

This verse is both history, prophecy and teaching for the present:

History: It was declaration of judgment and a punishment that was carried out.

Prophecy: A righteous foreshadow of the World to Come.

Teaching for the present: A correcting rod to bring those who've been called back to The Straight and Narrow.