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Exegesis:Hosea 6:10

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Translation of Hosea 6:10

In the house of Israel I see an abomination, Ephraim is blemished with infidelities, Israel is naked.


In the house of Israel I see an abomination YHVH can see our sins and he can see the heathen’s sins. “to the Jew first” – the harvest will come.

Ephraim is blemished with infidelities The whoring and infidelities of polluting ourselves with uncleanliness and sin leads to the the corruption of our relationship with the Most High. No manner of logic or reason can excuse this when it is known to be an abomination. Simply read the Father’s commandments and words through his Torah, Prophets, and the uncompromising teachings of Messiah.

Israel is naked When we wrestle with YHVH we are as naked and helpless like a newborn child crying for his mothers breast. When we transgress the path of our Father, chastisement occurs. When we ignore this chastisement, judgment occurs. In these deeds we chose a path for ourselves much like Ephraim and Israel did. The modern 'priesthood' that is established by the many councils and institutional rulings are in contempt with the Father's commandments. They are at odds with the instruction of Messiah.

Rabbis, we don’t need new rulings, customs or Kabalah’s mysticism – we need our first love!

Pastors and priests, we don’t need new 'revelations' that replace Torah, offerings of swine's flesh or a new Sabbath to replace the one ordained from the beginning of time – we need the perfect and complete Word.