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Exegesis:Hosea 1:1

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Translation of Hosea 1:1

YHVH spoke that wish existed concerning The Deliverer, His Son, from the well of His Living Waters in the day of the Strength of Yah. Yah is perfect and holds the celebrated King whom He strengthens. And in those days the people will contend the Son Given by Adonai, the King of Israel. [1]

Using space hypothesis: to speak YHVH that which the Yah concerning alas! To be free son in lion in day my strength Yah he and perfect I look upon He mighty Yah king of the splendor to and in days fear in nation son he they people which king he struggled with God [2]


[1] When translating this verse, instead of using the names of the persons mentioned, the definitions of their names were used. Thus, this paints a fantastic picture of The Anointed One!
Hosea: The Deliverer
Berri: My well
Uzziyah: Strength of Yah
Jotham: Yah is perfect
YechtzkyYah: Strengthened by Yah
Yehudah: Splendorous or Celebrated
Yrev'am: The people will contend/fight/argue with/against
Yoash: Given by the master

[2] For space hypothesis translation: "Concerning what YHVH our Yah has to say: "Alas! Be free in My Son the Lion (from Judah) in the day of My Strength! He is perfect and I, the Might Yah, look upon him, the King of My Splendor. And in those days the nation which has struggled with G-D will fear my son."