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Exegesis:Genesis 7:17

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Translation of Genesis 7:17

The flood was 40 days on the Earth and the water became great and lifted the box and raised it above the Earth.

Translation of Genesis 7:18

Water was strong and become very great on the Earth and the box moved on the face of the water.

Translation of Genesis 7:19

The water was strong very very (much) on the Earth and covered all mountain heights under the entire heaven.

Translation of Genesis 7:20

15 cubits upwards the waters prevailed and covered the mountains.


Victor Porton's idea that the flood may happen only in Eurasia seems to be disproved by this verse saying "under the entire heaven".

Does "15 cubuts" mean 15 cubits above the highest mountain (Everest)? If it is 15 cubits upward of the base level, Everest would not be covered. However mountains may be less high before the Flood.

How does Moses know the exact number 15 cubits? (It could be told by God to Moses implicitly, but I suspect there may be another source of knowledge.)

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