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Exegesis:Genesis 6:1

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Translation of Genesis 6:1 - Genesis 6:2

It was as the Adam began to increase on the face of the ground and daughters were born to them, sons of God saw daughters of Adam that they are good, and get them (as) wives whoever they chose.


It says specifically about Adam (not about people in plural). It may mean that this is specifically about children of Adam. (Some theologians assume that not all people are children of Adam, such as supporters of evolution theory.) that daughters were born to them.

Who are these "sons of God" if they are not descendants of Adam? Someone claimed that "sons of God" are the lineage of Adam; but this seems unlikely because here Bible refers to "Adam" (that is Adam's lineage) as another side of the interchange.

Maybe "sons of God" are some infusoria having cell-level sex with humans? Or maybe these are angels? Accordingly Victor Porton angels are very "general" creatures (unlike humans which are "specialized" for the life on the Earth) who live in outer space and can benefit from interchanging a DNA with a human like many other kinds of information they can interchange. In other words, this may mean that angels may benefit from information stored in human DNA, despite they are probably energetic fields creatures (unlike Earth surface life which is protein-based) and even may not have a DNA themselves.

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