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Exegesis:Genesis 4:9

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Translation of Genesis 4:9

Yahweh said to Cain: Where Abel your brother? He said: I don't know, whether am I a guarder of my brother?

"Where Abel your brother?" = "Woe to Abel your brother"

Translation of Genesis 4:10

He said: What have you done? The voice of bloods of your brother cries to me from the ground.

Translation of Genesis 4:11

Now you are cursed from the ground, which opened its mouth to get the blood of your brother from your hand.

Translation of Genesis 4:12

When you will work over the ground, it will not again give you its power. Staggering and waving will be you on the Earth.

Translation of Genesis 4:13

Cain said to Yahweh: Greater (is) my punishment than I can bear.

Cain said to Yahweh: Great (is) my punishment, (so) from creditor. (See spiritual sense.)

Translation of Genesis 4:14

Behold, I am thrust out today from the surface of the ground and from your face I will hide and will be tottering and waving on the Earth. And it happens (that) everybody who finds me will kill me.

Translation of Genesis 4:15

Yahweh said him: So everybody who kills Can, sevenfold will (he) take vengeance, and Yahweh put onto Cain a sign, not to strike him everybody who finds.


From Gen. 4:13 it seems to follow that there are money in the heaven.

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