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Exegesis:Genesis 2:21

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Translation of Genesis 2:21

God Yahweh caused to fall deep sleep on Adam, and he slept and (God) took one of his ribs and closed with flesh its bottom.

Translation of Genesis 2:22

God Yahweh built the rib took from Adam into a woman and brought (her) to Adam.

Translation of Genesis 2:23

Adam said: This is this time bone from my bone and flesh from my flesh. She will be named "woman" because from a man she is took.

"bone from my bone" = "substance from my substance".

Translation of Genesis 2:24

Based on this, a man will leave his father and his mother and stay with his woman and will become one flesh.

"leave his father" = "leave his youth"

Translation of Genesis 2:25

And both Adam and his wife were naked and were not ashamed each other.

"naked" = "shrewd"


Is this "rib" or "cell" (meaning a cell of the biological organism)? However, if "rib" is cell or just DNA it would probably not make sense to "close it with flesh". So it is likely it is indeed a rib.

"This time" in Genesis 2:23 is a contrast with the times Adam met animals.

It is unclear whether Genesis 2:24 are words of Adam or not a direct speech.

"Both Adam and his wife were shrewd" implies that Adam (and Eve) were talented before the fall. These were not just powerful computers but also talented people, as opposed to the popular opinion (by Satan) that Adam and Eve were stupid before the fall.

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