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Exegesis:Genesis 2:18

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Translation of Genesis 2:18

God Yahweh said: (it is) not good to be the man alone, I will make him a suitable helper.

(dubious) I will make him a suitable treasure.

Translation of Genesis 2:19

God Yahweh formed from the soil anything alive of the field and all birds of the sky, and lead (them) to Adam to see how he will name it, and all how Adam called, the soul alive was its name.

Translation of Genesis 2:20

Adam named names for every beast and bird of the sky and every alive (creature) of the field. For Adam it hasn't been found a suitable helper.


It is again confirmed that Adam had fast computer brain. Otherwise it would take too long time to invent names for every animal and every bird. See also Theology:Fall_of_the_man.

It seems that God tested Adam by naming names and checking what he deems suitable for him.

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