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Exegesis:Genesis 1:30

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Translation of Genesis 1:30

For all life of the Earth and for all birds of the sky and for all creeping on the Earth, in which there is a soul alive, all green grass for eating. And it was so.


It is commonly interpreted as all animals being vegetarian before the flood (and predators becoming predators only after the flood). This opinion however has a deficiency: Accordingly this viewpoint, a wonder happened after the flood transforming grass eating animals into predators. We, students of Bible, believe that wonders can happen, but to explain something with a wonder when there is a more rational explanation, is not the best.

So I propose an alternative explanation of this verse: It is in future tense and may refer to the state in a future, after the second come of Christ. Other passages of Bible (TODO: verse numbers) say that after the end of this world lions will eat grass. This verse may be understood as the fact that after the second come predators will be transformed into herbivorous animals.

An other argument supporting this viewpoint is that here God speaks to people only, not to the animals, but animals should be subject of this saying.

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