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Exegesis:Ezekiel 22:30

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Translation of Ezekiel 22:30

I sought from them a male fencing a fence and standing in the breach before me for the land for it not be spoiled, and not found.

"from them" = "from abundance" (may be interpreted as "from many people")

"land" may be also translated as "planet".


It would be natural for us, if God sought a man who would stop oppression of the poor, make fair judgment and stop ill-treating people (that is stopped the sins described in nearby verses), but instead God sought a man who would simply build a wall. So God searches not a way to punish sinners but to make them unpunished.

The "fence" for the planet may be the system of protection against asteroids and comets.

Me related it with the chapter of my book, where I claim that Apocalypse (including a fall of a comet to the Earth) can be canceled. I was somehow alarmed that it should be me, but after translating this verse (however without Spaces Hypothesis) I decided that I know no way to help to protect our planet.

Also the context of nearby verses is about oppression of the poor. I am not a political activist to solve this problem.