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Theology:Cain and Abel

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"Abel" in Hebrew is the same word as "the Bel". "The Bel" (probably the same as "the Baal"), as I assume means "a proprietor".

While Yahweh is the creator of people, the proprietor of the creatures was Baal. (Now the proprietor of people has changed, see this page).

Cain and Abel in spiritual sense are spirits which were controlling people.

The Bel was the owner of people, but the entity controlling people's works (probably through leasing) was Cain:

(Gen. 4:2) Abel was a shepherd, Abel shepherded cattle. And Cain was a worker over the ground.

Spiritually "sheep" or "cattle" mean people. Cain used radio-controlled people to work over the ground on the Earth.

(Gen. 4:8) "Cain talked to his brother Abel, being in a field. Cain arose onto his brother Abel and murdered him."

The word "murdered" here means stripped out of control over flesh. That is this means that Baal was stripped out of control over people. This happened while these two spirits were in (electromagnetic) field of control over people.

(Gen. 4:7) If you would do well, (then) uprising. And if you do not do well, in the "entrance" sin lies. And on you is its desire. And you will rule over it.

This means that "Cain" spirit attempted to control over people's sins. His task was not to allow sin to enter.

(Gen. 4:9) Now you are cursed from the ground, which opened its mouth to get the blood of your brother from your hand.

It means that "Cain" spirit has withdrawn over his part of control over events on the Earth.

(Gen. 4:12) When you will work over the ground, it will not again give you its power. Staggering and waving will be you on the Earth.

So "Cain" spirit is not completely disconnected from the Earth, but he loses control over the events on the Earth.

(Gen. 4:13) Cain said to Yahweh: Great (is) my punishment, (so) from creditor.

The fine assigned to "Cain" spirit required he to bear from a creditor.