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This (Russian) interpretation of names in Genesis is interesting:

Haven't checked this out fully yet but even though it is focussed on the later lineage in Genesis 5, perhaps this link could shed some light on the significance of the first lineage in the Hebrew Bible in Gensis 4:

Enoch and Lamech are defined as meaning 'teacher' and 'lament' respectively on that site.

However, if one goes by the strong's numbers Enoch means 'initiated' and Lamech is of uncertian meaning. Also following the same "Strongs Real Hebrew Bible Dictionary" on AndBible it gives the following definitions:

Irad means 'to sequester' or 'fugitive'

Mehujael means 'smitten of God'

Mephushael means ['man who is of God'] or ('man' / 'strength').

Picking and choosing from different sources that leaves us with:

Teacher sequestered smitten of God

Could this be a slight explanation of Enoch's walk with / taken by God?