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My prayer about Bible study

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I've prayed like this:

God, bless my site for Bible study, give volunteers.

Let it don't happen that you use that people do not study Bible in this method as a basis for future rebuking that "You were given Bible study but you haven't used it."

Implement your plans about us to our blessing and not curse.

Bless your people, don't curse!

Hey, people! Stay in the rupture of studying Bible without vowels that you won't be later reproached by God: I have given you Web site for studying My word as it was written, but you haven't studied. While everyone should study Bible, just a few people studied.

Don't allow the anger of God to ignite against the modern church and modern humankind for refusing to store Hebrew Bible as it was written, without vowels. It is a task for you not only for theologians, most of which don't believe that Bible is a literal word of God.

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