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Some suggestions how to improve our software

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The following are suggestions how to improve our software.

Probably it requires considerable work on MediaWiki core.


PayPal donations notification

PayPal donations should trigger goals in Google Analytics.

It is now done on "Thanks you" page. But not every user moves to "thank you" page after his PayPal donation, so only a part of donations is currently recorded.

It should be preferably be done in PHP, but doing it in another programming language may also be useful.

It is important because we need more than 1% CTR to join Google Grantspro program.

This can be done with Measurement Protocol.

See also for another way to do this. (Note that their free service is limited to 100 donations per month. Is this enough?)

Also we need user registration notification.

Improving search

I have to click on the “everything” tab, for see the results…

For me, I already know how to use it. Only I think some people can feel frustration if they don’t found something more easy (they can think really the page don’t exist). Do you think it could be fixed?. Also, do you think is easy include in the search page “how many matches” found? Thank you.

Index of all Hebrew words

Also I think many websites will be happy to link to a index of all declined forms of tanakh words (even if they don’t want link to our home page).

The index should be automatically alphabetically sorted.

Redundant links in "What links here"

Browser a Hebrew word description, click "What links here". Then you will see (among other links) the list of Hebrew Bible verses containing this link. But these links appear three times instead of one, because on each verses' page we have also the previous and the next verse, three verses instead of one.

Proposal: Implement <nolinks> tag which will exclude links inside it from being considered by "What links here", similarly to <noinlcude> tag removes a part of the page when it is included in another page.

Logos’ Free Web Tool Converts Bible Verses into Links

JavaScript for inserting a new Hebrew word

In the editor I added new button ("Aleph" icon) which inserts a link to a Hebrew word.

After insertion the link to the word is selected. It would be more convenient instead to place the cursor after the inserted link.