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Please help this project by volunteering. See also other ways to help this project including donating money.

If you want to become a volunteer, write (However if you want to become an editor or a translator, just create an account and start to do the work yourself, this does not need to write me.)

We need the following kinds of volunteers:

Hebrew Bible translators

It is much easier that you may think. Just learn ancient Hebrew without vowels. Without vowels it is way easier.

Bible is big and so we need many translators. Your help is invaluable.

More information at this page.


Moderators screen edits by site users and either allows a change or rejects SPAM or vandalism.

Also a moderator forces users to follow the rules and corrects wrong behavior of other users.

When a user earns a good reputation of writing quality content at this site, he or she may be promoted to the right to edit the site directly (without moderation).

It is an easy but important job.

Note for moderators: If somebody submits a user page with links to "his site", "his hobby", etc., it should be usually handled as spam, because links to unrelated sites usually should not posted to this site (even as user pages). The reason for this, is that many such user pages are really fake, probably injected by a spam software, not real users.

Editors, writers and designers

Edit the content of this site. Make it better (more readable, of better design, easier to navigate, etc.) Help to develop further rules which users should follow.

Make this site more appealing to users, by writing good content.

One priority task we need to do, is to make good site navigation for Mobile mode of the site (because the left sidebar menu is missing in mobile view, mobile navigation around the site is hindered).

One thing you can do is collect all known Old Testament commentaries at this site.

Board members

Become board members of our non-profit organization.

See also Charter appendix about recruiting new board members.

Web administrator / SysAdmin

Currently, I am serving this service myself. However in the case if I die or am sick or whatever happens, my organization needs a deputy.

Your tasks are:

1. Manage the Web server (and all software on this server).

2. Update MediaWiki software on the server when new versions of this software appear. To do this you need to have basic knowledge of Linux. If you want to volunteer but don't know Linux, I can teach you basics of Linux. (So with this job, you may get some Linux training for free!) Alternatively we can move to a managed hosting and pay for the work instead doing it yourself. (In this case it may cost around $130/month or so instead of $30/month.)

I remind that I do this position now myself. You need just to back after me, for the case if for whatever reason I would be unable to do this work myself.


Currently I do this work myself. However in the case if I die or am sick or whatever happens, my organization needs a deputy.

The work of the manager is:

  • collect donations via PayPal
  • pay for Web hosting (currently around $24/month) and the domain
  • manage our AdWords account (see also here) and our Google Analytics account
  • if there is enough money, advertise this site (as to submit it into Web directories, make press-releases, etc.)


We need PHP MediaWiki and JavaScript jQuery programmers.

See this page on programming tasks to do.

There may probably be some other tasks.

Other tasks

If you are an AdWords expert, please help me to manage and tune performance of our Google Grant AdWords account. Write to

See also