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We need your donations. Click the below to donate online any amount of money with either PayPal, credit card, or directly from your bank account:

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Your donation may be used to:

  • pay for hosting, the domain, and other Internet services
  • advertise this site (as to submit it into Web directories, make press-releases, etc.)
  • hire organization personnel and set infrastructure for reliable continued operation of the organization

Our current needs:

  • The site runs on a site founder's private server, this costs him $24/month, please reduce his burden.
  • $12.49/year for domain.
  • a good press release distribution, may cost $983 one-time
  • search engine optimization ( offers this service for $100 one time setup fee plus 3-4 months for $399/month. The Spectrum Group Online, LLC White Hat SEO pricing starts at $2000 a month.); KLEINBURD and Semalt are a yet another companies who do SEO.
  • a reliable backup system (it can be done with BackupPC program on a separate server, a 30GB server at DigitalOcean costs $10/month). Another alternative (instead of BackupPC) is to extend our hosting to 60GB (in order to be able to host more backups on our own server) and use Google Drive for backing backup (this also costs additional $12/month (plus possibly $1.99 to increase Google storage)) Nevermind, I have made a backup system using free services only. (however, additional longer and more reliable backup may be possibly constructed and this needs money)
  • continuing the topic of backup: We need to switch to 60GB package (+$12/month) in order to set so called master/slave replication for MySQL. Without it, my existing backup solution intercedes with normal functionality of the site so that the site is paused for about 30 sec (not measured exactly) every day.
  • Our server sometimes crashes. We need $5/month to make it monitored once per minute by Binary Canary service. For phone notifications we need $20/month (instead of $5/month). Alternative:

Calculation of press release price

Here is a calculation of the price of the press release service we target to attain (an one-time payment, not recurring):

Price decreased need to recalculate.

  • $389 - "CNS – Platinum" package cost
  • Press Release Writing Services - $149
  • excess of 375 word limit - yet unknown as the PR is not yet written
  • Audio News Release & Placement - $150
  • International Religious Media Outlets - $125
  • Conservative U.S. Media Outlets & Newswires - $95
  • Christian Media Outlets - $75
  • Times Square Billboard High Res Photo - $350 (very expensive, we probably should not order this option)

So, the expected sum (without Times Square Billboard High Res Photo) is $983.

Press release points

These are possible PR stress points (in no particular order):

  • Site for studying Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) without vowels.
  • Without vowels it is: 1. easier to study; 2. has more different meanings what is important for understanding God's word.
  • The site is a wiki that is can be edited by anyone wanting to contribute, you are free to express your opinion on Hebrew Bible and write articles on various topics related with the Bible.
  • The site is not-confessional and welcomes all religions (Christians, Jews, Mormons, etc.) and even atheists.
  • We need more students and translators. We need volunteers and donations.
  • The site contains an easy tutorial of ancient Hebrew without vowels.
  • This site is created with a pretentious purpose to collect all possible translations and all commentaries for the entire Hebrew Bible.
  • The primary reason for creating this site is the belief that Tanakh is the word of God and it should be studied in all senses possible.
  • This press release should call the reader to study ancient Hebrew (without vowels) and become an active translator.

Is it worth to buy SEO?

Discuss whether it is a good package or an over-cost.

Should we buy SEO at all? because there are too little total Google search for such keywords as "Old Testament", "Hebrew Bible", and even "Bible".

For example (2015 Dec 1) Google requests (using AdWords keyword planner):

  • Old Testament - 33100 requests per month
  • Hebrew Bible - 22200 requests per month

Even if we get first position for these two keywords, it is 31.24% CTR.

Thus (in the assumption of first positions, which seems unrealistic for me), we get (33100+22200)*0.3124 = 17275 additional visits per month.

Please discuss if it is worth money. "The Spectrum Group Online, LLC" is definitely an overcost. can be discussed.

An another SEO company prices.

Donation campaigns at external sites

We also collect donations at the following sites:

We also should sign up for PayPal's Giving Fund. For this we need a bank statement or a voided check (and for this we need to open a bank account first).

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