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Exegesis:Hosea 1:2

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Translation of Hosea 1:2

YHVH started to speak a word in The Deliverer. And YHVH said to The Deliverer: “Take a woman, a wife of adulteries.” And YHVH said: “Because idolatries play the harlot and her fornication in the land separates her from YHVH.” [1]

Space hypothesis translation: he caused YHVH a word YHVH in alas! To be free and he to say YHVH concerning alas! To be free to you take to you wife adultery lamentations and he said travail he adultery lamentations because prostitute adultery the land from towards me YHVH. [2]


[1] Definitions of names used instead of the names themselves. Hosea translates to "The Deliverer".

[2] Exegesis from space hypothesis translation: A word in YHVH was spoken by YHVH: "Alas! I want you be free! Alas! I have these things to say concerning your freedom. You are to marry a prostitute and lament because of it. Bear the burden of your lamenting because your wife prostitutes the land and separates herself from Me."