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Exegesis:Genesis 4:17

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Translation of Genesis 4:17

Cain "knew" his wife, she became pregnant and gave birth to Enoch. He built a city and named the city which he has built (as) Enoch.

He built a city and named the city (as) the name of his son Enoch.


In my opinion this verse makes impossible interpretation that entities named in the first few chapters of Genesis are cities instead of people.

Some people think that Genesis generations are about cities not individual people (they try to explain this way that people lived almost 1000 years before the flood). However, in my this interpretation does not stand because Bible makes distinction between "gave birth" and "built". Moreover, building a city is unrelated to having a wife.

Analyzing of information presented on this page is complete (even with spaces hypothesis). That is, all variants of translation were considered carefully. No warranty however, that nothing is missing.